Welcome to Fishing / Fun and Life Tips.

This site has been created to allow me to talk about all things fishing.

I truly love grabbing my rod and getting out on the water for some wrestling matches with beasts of the ocean. There is something quite relaxing and stimulating at the same time with fishing. For me it provides pure enjoyment.

For that reason I will also include random fun facts and occurrences on this blog as I want to keep this as entertaining for me to write as you will find it to read. And while we are on the journey and fishing and fun, I won’t be able to help myself but throw in some good ol fashioned life tips!

So go on grab yourself a cold one and get settled in your favourite chair, as I aim to provide you with entertainment on fishing, fun and life tips.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have something to add on my posts or just want to get involved. I will also put up some share options if you find anything worth sharing with your mates. Cheers!