Things You Should Know While Going For Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is fun and is a popular activity in the areas where it’s available. One thing while going ice fishing is to ensure that you have the equipment needed. It is the only way that you will enjoy every bit of the fishing.

The best way not to miss out on the things that you need is to have a checklist. Most first timers will ask, what do I need if I’m going ice fishing for the first time?

  • Have the Right Clothes

Its pretty cold and you will need to be warm. When you wear a lot of clothes that are heavy just to keep warm, you may not enjoy your ice fishing much. But how can you keep warm if you don’t wear heavy clothes?

The best winter clothing is an extreme-weather suit that will protect you from freezing. It is advisable that you carry backup winter clothing.


  • Carry the Right Gear

There are things you need to get the most out of your first ice fishing experience. Besides tackle boxes and ice rods, you need an ice auger, ice scoop, a bucket, sonar tip-ups and bait among other things you consider necessary.

  • Have the Right Boots

Your feet can get extremely cold when you stand on ice the entire fishing time. You need to keep them warm to avoid the negative effects that come with the cold. You should get some waterproof winter boots and wear warm socks. If you are worried about keeping your balance on the ice, you can get ice cleats.

  • How do you Find Fish?

Just like the normal fishing, you need to find the right depth where there is fish. Probably you can get a map of the area in advance to see where it is possible for you to find the fish. It’s common for fish to stay in a specific spot and when this happens, it makes it easier for you to fish. It feels great to locate the fish.

  • Drill Holes in the Ice

The fun begins when you locate the best fishing spot and you start drilling holes. To increase the chances of catching fish, you should spread out your holes. The holes that you drill should be for fishing from and for placing your tip-ups.

Ice fishing is a recreational sport that is highly embraced in the areas that it is available. As a first timer, it’s advisable you go ice fishing with someone that is experienced. Grab all the right equipment, protect your body from freezing and know the rules beforehand. You will have a fun experience.

Interesting things you should do every time you travel

You don’t have to be a seasoned explorer to travel like one. The key to having a great time during your travels does not lie on visiting secret spots that only a handful of people know about. To get the most out of your vacation, you have to look for innovative ways to experience the cultures and tradition of your travel destination to the full. But what does this mean? It means writing a journal of your adventure; it means walking on a dirt track and creating a scrapbook.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some things you should do every time you travel.

Get tips from locals

It can be tempting to visit only tourist sites or confine yourself to your resort. While keeping safety at the back of your mind, do something that pushes you, something that challenges you. Talk to the locals in your resort or hotel, ask them to recommend a restaurant or bar you should visit or an interesting activity you should engage in.

Public transport

If you really want to get a feel of a city, then you should consider taking public transportation. Buses or taxi can help you get a firm grasp of neighborhoods. Be sure to bring your bring a map with you and be security conscious. Keep your personal belongings with you at all times. Don’t do anything that will draw attention to you. Try to blend in with the natives.

Visit local markets and shops

You are not limited to getting a popular souvenir during your travels. You can get something unique and special that will remind you of your adventures in years to come. So, hit the local market in your travel destination and buy something you will value and cherish for years to come. It is best you get something that is not made for tourist.

Record your memories

Take photos. Keep a diary. Take note of the interesting things you saw and did during your travels. When you read your diary in years to come, you will get a clear image of what you did and how much fun you had.

Don’t spend a large chunk of your time on social media or surfing the internet, rather, go outside and explore the city.

If really want to have a great time during your vacation, do well to make all necessary preparation way in advance.

Final note

If you apply the tips in this article, you are going to have a great time.

How to Find Out If You Are Living Beyond Your Means

In this day and age, living beyond your means is so easy. Most people are paralyzed by fear of not being cool or not fitting in. Hence, they resort to spending more money than they make just to be ‘accepted’ by the society. Apparently, this has become the norm among young adults.

Credit cards also encourage people to overspend. After all, it’s just swiping a piece of card and off you go.

However, it’s not only millennials that tend to live beyond their needs. There are so many people out there who probably don’t know they are living beyond their needs. Here’s how to find out.

Not saving any money

If you cannot save at least 5 or 10 percent of your gross income every month, you are living beyond your means. Not having an emergency fund set aside also speaks volumes about your spending. Try to cut down on your expenditures and impulse buying. Set a budget and stick to it.

Paying more than 30% of rent

Your rent or mortgage should not exceed more than 30 percent of your income. If it does, you are living a lie. As much as you wish to live in a modern classic apartment, if it surpasses that mark, it’s time to re-evaluate your life choices.

Struggling to pay bills

If you find yourself falling behind on your bills every month, you are definitely over-stretched. Cut unnecessary costs to make your situation more manageable.

Bad credit score

If you are always paying your bills late, bad credit score is inevitable. Further, overspending with credit cards can lower your credit score as it indicates poor credit management. This is more than enough proof you are living on the edge.

Struggling to sustain your lifestyle

Having difficulties financing your lifestyle is a clear indication you are living beyond your means. If for example, you take out a loan for vacation or loan to upgrade your car wheels or to finance your drinking escapades with friends –it means you can’t sustain the kind of lifestyle you want and you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.

It’s never too late to turn things around.

Basic Fishing Equipment if You Are Going on a Fishing Trip For The First Time

Learning to fish can be as easy as tying your shoe. You can find it with a cane and a box of worms sitting on the banks of a river or pond, or with a fully equipped boat with state-of-the-art equipment. In one way or another with some basic knowledge and a minimum of skills, even a beginner can embark on a life of fun, relaxation, and excitement with other fishermen. In the following article, we will discuss different types of fishing tackle in the freshwater where saltwater fish and the basic aquatic habitats reside.

Learn about the tackle tips to improve your skills and what you can use to have fun, excitement and have a successful fishing trip. You will also learn how to help yourself to fish for the valuable aquatic resources. And do not forget – fishing is not just catching fish! As expert fishermen will tell you the best ways for families and friends to relax together because they like to be outdoors and learn new skills.

Learning About the Basic Fishing Tackle

Applying the Hook Technique

The hooks are available in different sizes and designs and need to be well polished to be effective. If you release your grip, release it to facilitate the removal of the hook. Select the hook size for the type of fish you want to catch, and the type of bait you use. Ask an experienced fisherman or bait and get advice from the dealer.

The Importance of Lining

The fishing line comes in the test, (the size of the line or the force). The bigger the size of the line, the stronger it is. The 6-pound test line is more flexible, but it is not as strong as the 12-pound test line. Match your fishing line to your rod and the capacity of the coil and the type of fish you want to capture. Use a heavier line or test with the one you need can reduce the number so that you get shots or blows because the heaviest line is more visible to the fish.

Sinker as an Effective Strategy

Wells are weights to start the bait, take the bait down, hold the bait in place, or keep your bobber upright. The fountains are designed in different designs and different shapes and sizes which are used for different types of fishing techniques. They vary in size from the five-pound beat, something just before a cannon. In many cases, put your weight on 4 to 8 inches above your hook to allow the live bait to look natural to the fish.

Learning about the Bobber

Bobbers, swimmers, and thorns are used for three reasons. To hold the bait where the fish bites to hold the bait down and they tell you when they bite or beat by moving up and down. Bobber comes in different round shapes, a pencil or a spring to burst, and elongated. Most bobbers are sprung and attached to your fishing line with a clip. Some are directly connected to your line so let the line slip entirely for fishing with padding.

Benefits That Originate From Dog Walking

Not many consider that taking their pet for a walk comes with a double benefit. Just like the human; pets have flesh and blood that requires time to time exercise to help their muscles remain active and experience a good flow of blood.

According to a study carried out, found that those people who owned dogs were healthier than those who did not. The bond between pet and human is strong and somehow exceeds that of the human-to-human bond. There is chemistry behind this kind of bond, which leaves a question as to whether dogs are more responsive to attachment with the human than human themselves? Does it mean dogs display honesty more than human? Well, whatever it is, it leaves a room full of unanswered queries.

Purebred dog running towards camera

Health Benefits Both Dog and Human Gain from Each Other

While to many it may look like just a routine, walking once per day or more improves your dog’s health, stays agile, and active. Moreover, daily exercise for dogs helps them stay happy and alert. Every little walk done routinely makes your pet become used to the daily walk, and there are even more benefits than can be related to the walk alone.

For a human, you don’t just want to imagine how that does to you.  First, daily engagements especially did in the morning boost your immune system and morale early in the day. Second, it plays a major role in keeping your body weight in control. Third, it improves your digestion through active muscles and consistency in burning of calories.


It is not clear how human and dogs tend to have a strong bond more than any other pet reared in the household. When you compare the human relationship with that of a cat, for instance, it is not that strong bond like we see it happen with dogs.

Among the many studies carried, there is one done from the University of Central Lancashire which shows that majority of dog owners, about 40% happen to regard the dog as a family member and not an alien. Dogs seem attuned to the emotional state of their owners, and their unreserved affection makes them a qualified candidate to be included in the human family. Morning walks together with a dog provides companionship and more drive to participate in the process more than any human can provide. The bond even prepares the dog to be alert when the time of the walk nears.

Cleanliness and Good habits

Most dogs are naughty in nature and adopt dirty behaviors such as digging in the ground, peeing everywhere, and just like kids behave, so are dogs. So, daily engagements with walks tend to tune the dog into some kind of discipline, and slowly by slowly any uncouth behavior keeps dropping one after the other.

Trust and Hyperactivity

Dogs behave to a certain percentage like a human, from the way they look, respond, and determine whether to trust or not. If for a given time you train your dog to get used to sticking together doing the walks, that bond keeps growing and only with time it gets used to you which builds trust.

Though for this is for dogs that are not in speed of trusting too much until they learn more about you. Furthermore, those daily activities help your dog to have enough time to sleep rather than struggling with restlessness. Lastly, dog walk helps your dog stay calm and relaxed.

This walk routine keep the bond more tightly, and apart from health benefits, the dog gives you confidence in case of fear, and that kind of relationship is hard to break.

Why Healthy Eating Should Be Prioritized in Your Life

They say healthy eating is a wealth of health. Eating healthy is the backbone that holds life together. While the opposite is true, which opens up to millions of problems? Why does it matter so much about the importance of the food we eat? I mean I love seafood so why can’t I just eat that all day, every day?

Our mental stability is highly dependent on a quality diet we eat. More so, our body mass, functionality, and whole body equilibrium get stable when we balance our food intake. Quantity intake of food does not quantify how healthy we have eaten but count on making the stomach full.

You are What You Eat

If this were really true I may be a fish!

But in all seriousness, the condition of your health status is a reflection of your eating habits. Maintaining discipline of right eating is one of the most complicated processes to adhere to. Your body carries the life in you which therefore it is imperative to be careful on what you dip in stomach however how hunger pangs push you. Are you the type of person that has craving for sugary foods?

Too much of it will make you become obese. Another way that leads to obese is the intake of fast foods and soft drinks ( they have no nutritional value) and any negativity declared by your body mean it is protesting against wrong or too much of something harmful. Make your body a haven of right food and not garbage to throw digestible stuff you meet.

The Key is a Balanced Diet

Healthy eating should consist of balanced food in every meal intake. That is a good definition of healthy eating, where every part required in food is supposed to be present. Here is a food that consists of a balanced diet:

  • Carbohydrates (bread, rice)
  • Protein (egg, beans)
  • Vitamin (Orange, spinach, kales)
  • Water

Out of the three without including water should be carefully balanced whenever taking any meal, whether it is morning breakfast, lunch meal, and supper. From the common phrase, ‘too much of anything is poisonous’, that does not mean any food group is inherently wrong, but too much of intake as you neglect the other is health crime.

Avoid Junk Food

The world over is fighting this menace. Companies are raking billions of dollars pushing lives to their graves early as they lean towards what they love most. It is worrying why almost everyone is going the wrong direction? Does it mean a healthy food is meant for the sick?

This question never comes before one is diagnosed with emerging diseases that are as a result of unhealthy lifestyle. Try one day visiting any hospital and see the loved ones of the inpatients with bags full of food, actually good food. Until you wonder whether that person eats like so when healthy.

Most of those hospitalized individuals are there for adopting poor method of eating. Any junk food does not add any nutritional value to your body and if not checked, that’s a timely bomb waiting to explode.

First Things First

When prioritizing things in life important things are kept at the top and not vice versa. Right food combined with healthy eating habits should top the list before any other program is set. If you love your life, health timetable, well planned about each and every meal you take, ought to be in place acting as your guide. There is no other life apart from the one you have. Life is precious, but only when you act by making it great for eating healthy.

One of the Best Fishing Fish – Barramundi

Barramundi or Koral fish of Southeast AsiaAustralia’s most famous sport fish is the Barramundi. All you need is time for an extended safari to a remote Northern Territory fishing camp.

River and Reef Fishing Charters specialise in Barra Fishing Kakadu during the Run Off and Barramundi fishing the Billabong’s during the dry season. Kakadu Fishing Tours presents you an exhilarating day Barramundi fishing on a few of Kakadu’s breathtaking waterways. Barramundi fishing is a must do in your Northern Territory holiday.

You will experience among the finest Barramundi fishing the Top Finish has to supply. At Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge, fishing excursions run from March to December every year and fluctuate in numerous durations. As said in its title, Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge is a paradise in the case of barra fishing.

Enjoy Barramundi Fishing with one of the many skilled fishing guides in Darwin. A barramundi fishing charter is greater than only a fishing constitution. In Kakadu National Park, the South and East Alligator Rivers are recognized for good fishing.Trying to catch barramundi within 1 hour is a hard challenge.

The Run Off is among the best times of the year to get into some severe Barramundi Fishing. Barramundi fishing is completely different from the fishing I was used to in the different fishing.

High Finish Barra fishing can cater on your fishing wants. There is no such thing as a other place in Australia that has this type of fishery for Big Salt Water Barramundi. Barramundi fishing means thrills and motion from the time you flick the lure to the time you get the strike and bingo it is all go.

One of the best areas in Australia to target barramundi are the Northern Territory, the west side of Cape York Peninsula right down to the lower Gulf of Carpentaria coast, and the WA Kimberley. Fishing Business Coaching Board of Tasmania Inc, Australia. If you happen to discuss with any fisherman they are going to all tell you that one of their dreams is to go barramundi fishing within the Northern Territory.

Barramundi are grown in a wide range of tradition methods across Australia. I have approaced lure fishing for Barramundi from two totally different angles.

These Billabongs maintain some nice fishing for Barramundi and Saratoga and supply a unique fishing expertise, making your fishing adventure one to never forget. Big barramundi can take time to reel in so be patient and go with him. It’s also generally thought to be the premium leisure sportfish in northern Australia.

Barramundi Fishing

Barramundi are a premier game and sport fish , and they are prolific all throughout the Northern Territory and Kimberley coast. Clearwater Island Lodge is without doubt one of the hottest fishing spots within the Northern Territory and attracts a whole bunch of fishing aficionados all year spherical. Clearwater Island Lodge is famend by many as being the top Sport-Fishing lodge in Australia, with our popularity stretching all through Indonesia and other components of the southern hemisphere for barramundi fishing and deep sea fishing.

From distant landbased lodges, to mom ship operations, Angling Adventures Barramundi Fishing Journeys operate in the most effective areas accessible in the North of Australia and PNG. Barramundi is farmed in all states of Australia besides Tasmania. Not solely is there nice Barramundi fishing, these excursions additionally give people an actual Northern Territory expertise.

A Class Transport while Travelling in Sydney

On a recent trip of mine to Sydney I was fortunate enough to treat myself to a luxury limo hire service. For a bloke that loves fishing and getting dirty out on the open waters, a limo service was not something that I had ever been interested in before.


A friend of mine had insisted that I try it out. He said that once I did I would find it hard to travel by any other means. Ha! What would he know. Right? Well I was in for a shock.

I booked a limousine pickup and transfer service from the airport to my hotel, and really all I was expecting an over priced taxi service. However when I stepped off my plane and made my way outside of the airport I was greeted by my driver holding a sign with my name. Haha. This is what it feels like to be one of those people.

My driver was very well dressed and very polite. But he also had a friendliness that made him easy to talk with. He took my baggage for me and walked us to his immaculate limousine. A modern Chrysler 300C with leather interior which looked like it had just been driven off the showroom floor.

Inside was quite impressive and had a fresh scent. I was not used to travelling like this at all. I was thinking there would be scuff marks and bad smells from previous passengers. I was highly impressed.

As I was chauffeured to my hotel I felt like a real celebrity. The windows were a really nice dark tint but I could still see out. However as we drove past I could see people trying to look in. They probably thought I was a TV star or someone important.

So ok, it did feel great. The service I received was unreal. I really felt special and it was much more than I expected. It was so enjoyable that I actually had fun! There was no taxi ride that has ever come close. My friend was right. I think I may have to book a limo ride a bit more often from now on.

Jet Ski Fun on the Water

Have you ever ridden a Jet Ski before? If so then you will know the exhilaration that can be experienced from the large horse power engine. The thrill is just incredible. There is not much else that beats it! If I could compare it to anything it would be like riding a high power motorcycle only you are on the water. If you haven’t you need to organise a ride for yourself.

man drive on the jetski

Out of all the places that I could have experienced this, I ended up riding my first jet ski in Thailand while on holidays. If you have ever traveled to this exotic destination then you will appreciate where I am coming from. The place has so many beautiful beaches and everything is so cheap in comparison to my home country. Coming from Australia the exchange rate is great so its easy to spend lots.

Jet ski rental is massive over there and my mates and I decided to give it a go. I think it ended up costing us about $50 Australian for 30 mins. At first we thought this would be too short but you can really give it a good crack in this time.

So there we were. Out on our jet skis and just going nuts. Giving it full throttle and sharp turns to generate huge sprays. You need to be careful if there is any chop in the water from other jet skis of boats as when you are going that fast it can get bumpy when you hit the chop. We even got some pretty cool air time!

Now I live close to the water and am thinking about getting my own jet ski. They are just so much fun. I know that rental costs here in Australia would be way more expensive than in Thailand so am thinking just to get my own to have it available anytime I choose. Oh well better start saving those pennies. I am thinking about $5000 should cover it. For a second hand one of course. I mean while I am still new to the sport of jet ski riding there is no point going all out. New ones cost as much as $20,000 – $30,000+. But I suppose when you consider the fact that they have to endure salt water covering them and going all through the mechanical parts its understandable.

How about you? Have you ridden a jet ski before? Let me know about your jet ski experience or tell me when you plan on riding a jet ski. Will it be on  Thailand or other exotic location holiday? Well till next time. Have fun!

The Blue-Ringed Octopus That Nobody Wanted

Ok, now here is a random but true story. It happened a long time ago when I was a young boy. It must be around 20-25 years ago but I remember the event well. I guess it’s funny how some memories stay locked in your mind, clear as day, while others get washed away. Such is life I guess!

So back to the story. My Dad had taken my sister and I out for an afternoon fishing adventure. I am not sure why he choose the location of Malabar but we did live in the Eastern Suburbs at the time. It was probably a well know spot for good fishing, or maybe it just had good access and parking. Who knows. But what happened on that fishing trip was quite remarkable.

We ended up fishing off the rocks at what seemed to be an old boat ramp with the water being relatively calm. Even though the afternoon is one of the better times to fish we were not having much luck. Maybe it was the bait we were using. Maybe it was the fact that my sister and I were quite young – under 10 I think, so we would not have been able to cast far. But then again Dad may had occasionally been casting for us.

So it was getting later and Dad was saying that we should get going. I think we only had one or two small fish in the bucket, so it was a pretty uneventful fishing trip. Nevertheless I went for another cast.

I remember that it was a dud cast – with my short height and limited strength majority of them were. So I started reeling it in. Slowly of course just to see if I could encourage any fishies near us to jump on for a bite. However then it seemed to get stuck.

As I was trying to reel it in more I thought ah damn I have a snag. We had been getting a few of them this time around and I think Dad was getting over cutting the line and reattaching another hook. So he came to my aid and moved closer into the water trying to pull the line up to release the snag. At the same time I was struggling to reel it in.

Then all of a sudden something seemed to give. The snag has been released, was my initial thought. However then my Dad started screaming “Stop, stop!”

The next thing I know dad is holding the line with something attached to it. It looked like a black rock or seaweed. But as soon as we all caught a glimpse of it, the black weedy looking thing revealed its true identity. In a flash the black spongy thing activated its blue rings and we could see that it was in fact a Blu-ringed octopus. One of the deadliest sea creatures in Australia’s waters.

Blue ring octopus

We were all taken back and Dad then realised how close his hand was to the deadly animal. I too stopped shaking my rod around to prevent it from being flung into Dad or us. Wondering what we should do, Dad cut the line but did not dare go near the hook in the creature. One sting can be paralysing and cause rapid death. That’s when Dad had a great thought about taking the then dying animal to the hospital. He thought that their may be a special department that could extract the venom and be used to create anti-venom. After all this creature was going to die with the hook lodged in its body so we might as well put it to some positive use.

We ended up scooping the blue-ringed octopus into an old ice-cream container and took it to the nearest hospital. After having several discussions with staff and showing them the amazing catch we were directed to the poisons unit. Each time we opened the lid of the container the octopus would reveal its blue rings as a warning mechanism to scare of predators. When it calmed down the blue rings dissipated and it simply looked like a normal black octopus. But when it flared its colours they were a bright electric blue!

Unfortunately no-one at the hospital wanted to take the dying creature as they explained that a third party company provided their anti-venom and it was produced in a controlled environment. There was no use for the little critter and we were not advised of what to do with it.

So we did the only thing that we could… We ended up taking it to show and tell at school so that others could peer into the ice-cream container and see the deadly creature flare up. After all if this is the only time you ever see this creature in your life you should consider yourself lucky.

Thinking back this was probably a bit cruel but we were stuck for alternatives. I guess we could have killed it and disposed of it sooner than keeping it alive simply for show and tell, but how do you kill such a deadly animal? If a part of it flung at you and stung you as you tried to kill it, bye bye to you. If we put it back in the water where we found it another fisherman could have accidentally stood on it. We tried to do the most responsible and thoughtful thing with the blue ringed octopus that nobody wanted.