Some of the Best Baits to Lure Fish

If you love fishing as a sport, you know there are plenty of bass lures in the market. With the available varieties, it becomes a challenge for anglers to choose the most suitable ones. You do not have to own every type of bass lure to enjoy fishing. One thing that you should look out on this tool is versatility. Will it be able to catch fish from different waterbody types? There are varieties that you can choose from.

·       Crankbaits

If you are looking for a bait that is effective in all seasons, you should go for Crankbaits. Whether it is in winter or summer, you will be able to use it. Subtle wobbling crankbaits that are flat-sided and slender are suitable for winter while wider wobbling crankbaits are highly recommended in warm waters. You can also opt for round lip, square or coffin bills. Regardless of the water conditions or seasons, crankbaits make a good bass lure.

·       Swimbaits

Swimbaits are effective throughout the year which is enhanced by the fact that they mimic various baitfish species. They have become popular with anglers due to the drawing power they hold. You can opt for a soft or a hard swimbait.

·      Jigs

The secret is knowing how to use them. Whether you are fishing in 90-degree water or in 40-degree water, you will enjoy working with these bass lures. Swim jigs work well in grass and cover, football jigs in rocks and ledges, finesse jigs for smallmouth and finicky fish while flipping jigs are perfect for cover and brush fishing. Jigs will lure and catch fish regardless of the depth of water, cover or season.

·    Lipless Crankbaits

For a bass lure that is fruitful in deep and shallow waters, lipless crankbaits make a wise option. The beauty of using it is that it can be used at any time of the year. Emulating bluegill, shad or crawfish, lipless cranks are known to be effective in catching active fish. The bait emulation is determined by the color of the crank. Whether you are targeting schooling fish, fishing through grass, open or cover water, lipless crankbaits will not disappoint.

Crankbaits, jigs, swimbaits, and lipless crankbaits are just some of the bass lures that you can choose from. If fishing is a past time activity that you like engaging in, you will not be disappointed with these choices.

Things You Should Know While Going For Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is fun and is a popular activity in the areas where it’s available. One thing while going ice fishing is to ensure that you have the equipment needed. It is the only way that you will enjoy every bit of the fishing.

The best way not to miss out on the things that you need is to have a checklist. Most first timers will ask, what do I need if I’m going ice fishing for the first time?

  • Have the Right Clothes

Its pretty cold and you will need to be warm. When you wear a lot of clothes that are heavy just to keep warm, you may not enjoy your ice fishing much. But how can you keep warm if you don’t wear heavy clothes?

The best winter clothing is an extreme-weather suit that will protect you from freezing. It is advisable that you carry backup winter clothing.


  • Carry the Right Gear

There are things you need to get the most out of your first ice fishing experience. Besides tackle boxes and ice rods, you need an ice auger, ice scoop, a bucket, sonar tip-ups and bait among other things you consider necessary.

  • Have the Right Boots

Your feet can get extremely cold when you stand on ice the entire fishing time. You need to keep them warm to avoid the negative effects that come with the cold. You should get some waterproof winter boots and wear warm socks. If you are worried about keeping your balance on the ice, you can get ice cleats.

  • How do you Find Fish?

Just like the normal fishing, you need to find the right depth where there is fish. Probably you can get a map of the area in advance to see where it is possible for you to find the fish. It’s common for fish to stay in a specific spot and when this happens, it makes it easier for you to fish. It feels great to locate the fish.

  • Drill Holes in the Ice

The fun begins when you locate the best fishing spot and you start drilling holes. To increase the chances of catching fish, you should spread out your holes. The holes that you drill should be for fishing from and for placing your tip-ups.

Ice fishing is a recreational sport that is highly embraced in the areas that it is available. As a first timer, it’s advisable you go ice fishing with someone that is experienced. Grab all the right equipment, protect your body from freezing and know the rules beforehand. You will have a fun experience.

Basic Fishing Equipment if You Are Going on a Fishing Trip For The First Time

Learning to fish can be as easy as tying your shoe. You can find it with a cane and a box of worms sitting on the banks of a river or pond, or with a fully equipped boat with state-of-the-art equipment. In one way or another with some basic knowledge and a minimum of skills, even a beginner can embark on a life of fun, relaxation, and excitement with other fishermen. In the following article, we will discuss different types of fishing tackle in the freshwater where saltwater fish and the basic aquatic habitats reside.

Learn about the tackle tips to improve your skills and what you can use to have fun, excitement and have a successful fishing trip. You will also learn how to help yourself to fish for the valuable aquatic resources. And do not forget – fishing is not just catching fish! As expert fishermen will tell you the best ways for families and friends to relax together because they like to be outdoors and learn new skills.

Learning About the Basic Fishing Tackle

Applying the Hook Technique

The hooks are available in different sizes and designs and need to be well polished to be effective. If you release your grip, release it to facilitate the removal of the hook. Select the hook size for the type of fish you want to catch, and the type of bait you use. Ask an experienced fisherman or bait and get advice from the dealer.

The Importance of Lining

The fishing line comes in the test, (the size of the line or the force). The bigger the size of the line, the stronger it is. The 6-pound test line is more flexible, but it is not as strong as the 12-pound test line. Match your fishing line to your rod and the capacity of the coil and the type of fish you want to capture. Use a heavier line or test with the one you need can reduce the number so that you get shots or blows because the heaviest line is more visible to the fish.

Sinker as an Effective Strategy

Wells are weights to start the bait, take the bait down, hold the bait in place, or keep your bobber upright. The fountains are designed in different designs and different shapes and sizes which are used for different types of fishing techniques. They vary in size from the five-pound beat, something just before a cannon. In many cases, put your weight on 4 to 8 inches above your hook to allow the live bait to look natural to the fish.

Learning about the Bobber

Bobbers, swimmers, and thorns are used for three reasons. To hold the bait where the fish bites to hold the bait down and they tell you when they bite or beat by moving up and down. Bobber comes in different round shapes, a pencil or a spring to burst, and elongated. Most bobbers are sprung and attached to your fishing line with a clip. Some are directly connected to your line so let the line slip entirely for fishing with padding.

One of the Best Fishing Fish – Barramundi

Barramundi or Koral fish of Southeast AsiaAustralia’s most famous sport fish is the Barramundi. All you need is time for an extended safari to a remote Northern Territory fishing camp.

River and Reef Fishing Charters specialise in Barra Fishing Kakadu during the Run Off and Barramundi fishing the Billabong’s during the dry season. Kakadu Fishing Tours presents you an exhilarating day Barramundi fishing on a few of Kakadu’s breathtaking waterways. Barramundi fishing is a must do in your Northern Territory holiday.

You will experience among the finest Barramundi fishing the Top Finish has to supply. At Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge, fishing excursions run from March to December every year and fluctuate in numerous durations. As said in its title, Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge is a paradise in the case of barra fishing.

Enjoy Barramundi Fishing with one of the many skilled fishing guides in Darwin. A barramundi fishing charter is greater than only a fishing constitution. In Kakadu National Park, the South and East Alligator Rivers are recognized for good fishing.Trying to catch barramundi within 1 hour is a hard challenge.

The Run Off is among the best times of the year to get into some severe Barramundi Fishing. Barramundi fishing is completely different from the fishing I was used to in the different fishing.

High Finish Barra fishing can cater on your fishing wants. There is no such thing as a other place in Australia that has this type of fishery for Big Salt Water Barramundi. Barramundi fishing means thrills and motion from the time you flick the lure to the time you get the strike and bingo it is all go.

One of the best areas in Australia to target barramundi are the Northern Territory, the west side of Cape York Peninsula right down to the lower Gulf of Carpentaria coast, and the WA Kimberley. Fishing Business Coaching Board of Tasmania Inc, Australia. If you happen to discuss with any fisherman they are going to all tell you that one of their dreams is to go barramundi fishing within the Northern Territory.

Barramundi are grown in a wide range of tradition methods across Australia. I have approaced lure fishing for Barramundi from two totally different angles.

These Billabongs maintain some nice fishing for Barramundi and Saratoga and supply a unique fishing expertise, making your fishing adventure one to never forget. Big barramundi can take time to reel in so be patient and go with him. It’s also generally thought to be the premium leisure sportfish in northern Australia.

Barramundi Fishing

Barramundi are a premier game and sport fish , and they are prolific all throughout the Northern Territory and Kimberley coast. Clearwater Island Lodge is without doubt one of the hottest fishing spots within the Northern Territory and attracts a whole bunch of fishing aficionados all year spherical. Clearwater Island Lodge is famend by many as being the top Sport-Fishing lodge in Australia, with our popularity stretching all through Indonesia and other components of the southern hemisphere for barramundi fishing and deep sea fishing.

From distant landbased lodges, to mom ship operations, Angling Adventures Barramundi Fishing Journeys operate in the most effective areas accessible in the North of Australia and PNG. Barramundi is farmed in all states of Australia besides Tasmania. Not solely is there nice Barramundi fishing, these excursions additionally give people an actual Northern Territory expertise.

The Blue-Ringed Octopus That Nobody Wanted

Ok, now here is a random but true story. It happened a long time ago when I was a young boy. It must be around 20-25 years ago but I remember the event well. I guess it’s funny how some memories stay locked in your mind, clear as day, while others get washed away. Such is life I guess!

So back to the story. My Dad had taken my sister and I out for an afternoon fishing adventure. I am not sure why he choose the location of Malabar but we did live in the Eastern Suburbs at the time. It was probably a well know spot for good fishing, or maybe it just had good access and parking. Who knows. But what happened on that fishing trip was quite remarkable.

We ended up fishing off the rocks at what seemed to be an old boat ramp with the water being relatively calm. Even though the afternoon is one of the better times to fish we were not having much luck. Maybe it was the bait we were using. Maybe it was the fact that my sister and I were quite young – under 10 I think, so we would not have been able to cast far. But then again Dad may had occasionally been casting for us.

So it was getting later and Dad was saying that we should get going. I think we only had one or two small fish in the bucket, so it was a pretty uneventful fishing trip. Nevertheless I went for another cast.

I remember that it was a dud cast – with my short height and limited strength majority of them were. So I started reeling it in. Slowly of course just to see if I could encourage any fishies near us to jump on for a bite. However then it seemed to get stuck.

As I was trying to reel it in more I thought ah damn I have a snag. We had been getting a few of them this time around and I think Dad was getting over cutting the line and reattaching another hook. So he came to my aid and moved closer into the water trying to pull the line up to release the snag. At the same time I was struggling to reel it in.

Then all of a sudden something seemed to give. The snag has been released, was my initial thought. However then my Dad started screaming “Stop, stop!”

The next thing I know dad is holding the line with something attached to it. It looked like a black rock or seaweed. But as soon as we all caught a glimpse of it, the black weedy looking thing revealed its true identity. In a flash the black spongy thing activated its blue rings and we could see that it was in fact a Blu-ringed octopus. One of the deadliest sea creatures in Australia’s waters.

Blue ring octopus

We were all taken back and Dad then realised how close his hand was to the deadly animal. I too stopped shaking my rod around to prevent it from being flung into Dad or us. Wondering what we should do, Dad cut the line but did not dare go near the hook in the creature. One sting can be paralysing and cause rapid death. That’s when Dad had a great thought about taking the then dying animal to the hospital. He thought that their may be a special department that could extract the venom and be used to create anti-venom. After all this creature was going to die with the hook lodged in its body so we might as well put it to some positive use.

We ended up scooping the blue-ringed octopus into an old ice-cream container and took it to the nearest hospital. After having several discussions with staff and showing them the amazing catch we were directed to the poisons unit. Each time we opened the lid of the container the octopus would reveal its blue rings as a warning mechanism to scare of predators. When it calmed down the blue rings dissipated and it simply looked like a normal black octopus. But when it flared its colours they were a bright electric blue!

Unfortunately no-one at the hospital wanted to take the dying creature as they explained that a third party company provided their anti-venom and it was produced in a controlled environment. There was no use for the little critter and we were not advised of what to do with it.

So we did the only thing that we could… We ended up taking it to show and tell at school so that others could peer into the ice-cream container and see the deadly creature flare up. After all if this is the only time you ever see this creature in your life you should consider yourself lucky.

Thinking back this was probably a bit cruel but we were stuck for alternatives. I guess we could have killed it and disposed of it sooner than keeping it alive simply for show and tell, but how do you kill such a deadly animal? If a part of it flung at you and stung you as you tried to kill it, bye bye to you. If we put it back in the water where we found it another fisherman could have accidentally stood on it. We tried to do the most responsible and thoughtful thing with the blue ringed octopus that nobody wanted.