Things You Should Know While Going For Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is fun and is a popular activity in the areas where it’s available. One thing while going ice fishing is to ensure that you have the equipment needed. It is the only way that you will enjoy every bit of the fishing.

The best way not to miss out on the things that you need is to have a checklist. Most first timers will ask, what do I need if I’m going ice fishing for the first time?

  • Have the Right Clothes

Its pretty cold and you will need to be warm. When you wear a lot of clothes that are heavy just to keep warm, you may not enjoy your ice fishing much. But how can you keep warm if you don’t wear heavy clothes?

The best winter clothing is an extreme-weather suit that will protect you from freezing. It is advisable that you carry backup winter clothing.


  • Carry the Right Gear

There are things you need to get the most out of your first ice fishing experience. Besides tackle boxes and ice rods, you need an ice auger, ice scoop, a bucket, sonar tip-ups and bait among other things you consider necessary.

  • Have the Right Boots

Your feet can get extremely cold when you stand on ice the entire fishing time. You need to keep them warm to avoid the negative effects that come with the cold. You should get some waterproof winter boots and wear warm socks. If you are worried about keeping your balance on the ice, you can get ice cleats.

  • How do you Find Fish?

Just like the normal fishing, you need to find the right depth where there is fish. Probably you can get a map of the area in advance to see where it is possible for you to find the fish. It’s common for fish to stay in a specific spot and when this happens, it makes it easier for you to fish. It feels great to locate the fish.

  • Drill Holes in the Ice

The fun begins when you locate the best fishing spot and you start drilling holes. To increase the chances of catching fish, you should spread out your holes. The holes that you drill should be for fishing from and for placing your tip-ups.

Ice fishing is a recreational sport that is highly embraced in the areas that it is available. As a first timer, it’s advisable you go ice fishing with someone that is experienced. Grab all the right equipment, protect your body from freezing and know the rules beforehand. You will have a fun experience.